Jan 14, 2017

Opportunities often become available simply through a willingness to participate. Since joining the Medical Mile Resource Group in early 2010, I have enjoyed many opportunities to become involved in ways, not just beneficial in helping promote the MMRG, but beneficial both professionally and personally.

In early 2012, I was given the opportunity to participate, as an interested observer, representing both the MMRG and Exxel Engineering, my employer, in the City of Grand Rapids Michigan Street Corridor Plan Steering Committee meetings. The initial committee focus was to review traffic patterns at the Michigan Street and College Avenue intersection. This soon developed into a comprehensive study to develop a transportation demand management strategy along the Michigan Street corridor, primarily from Plymouth Avenue west to Monroe Avenue.

River House View at Dusk

The Steering Committee members included dozens of individuals representing area institutions, businesses, non-profits, and governmental agencies that are impacted by the Medical Mile. The City of Grand Planning Department director, Suzanne Schulz, worked with the Steering Committee utilizing consulting firms and specialists dealing with various aspects of developing a Michigan Street Corridor Plan. Funding for the study was, in part, provided by a variety of stakeholders that would be impacted by future use of the Michigan Street corridor and beyond.

The final plan addressed existing land use, future land use, transportation, anchor institutions, neighborhoods, housing, retail, and development. It also took into consideration the quality of life of those living on or near the Medical Mile.

I was impressed by the comprehensive and thorough process used to develop the plan.

After monthly meetings for over two years, including numerous public forums to provide input, the plan was presented to the Grand Rapids City Commission for approval and  was adapted in June of 2015.

The final plan can be found at:

My involvement provided an opportunity to offer suggestions regarding the plan, as well as meet and network with many experts from governmental agencies, professional organizations, and non-profits. This was all made possible, simply by saying yes to an opportunity that presented itself, through my involvement with the Medical Mile Resource Group.

Eric P. Uitvlugt, P.S.
Exxel Engineering, Inc. CEO
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